We invite you to click through to the linked article and see for yourself that, as much as AP reluctantly admits that the Mueller report exonerates Trump of the charges first levied against him, they – along with the rest of the #mediaoligarchy – refuse to stop making shit up in order to maintain their liberal following (along with their mush mine liberal cash flow).

It’s okay, we understand 🙂 But seriously kidz… Start telling the whole truth instead of continuing to cherry-pick morsels to carry your fake news narrative forward.

We here at The American Swamp really wish the #mediaoligarchy would stop blathering about the things Trump didn’t do, or the crimes his people committed unrelated to the original scope of Mueller’s alleged investigation, and spend a little more time covering the crimes Hillary committed in an effort to influence the election outcome in her favor.

We know… We know… That’s not the Liberal narrative. It can’t hurt to ask though.

Over a 22-month investigation, the special counsel’s team put together perhaps the most definitive story of the Trump campaign and Russia. As Attorney General William Barr decides how much the public will get to see of Mueller’s confidential report, here’s a guide to what the special counsel has revealed so far.

Source: Taking stock: What Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe revealed

[Image via AP]


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