We got the memo. The 2020 election is going to be about which woman is, and can stay, the most pissed-off woman in America. This creature from Massachusetts has no business running for president any more than the sitting President should have. Be that as it may, at least the Trumpinator – despite every effort by the Democrats to stop him, is trying to make things better for the American people.

All Elizabeth Warren seems to want is the piss and moan about men and Republicans, and spend taxpayer dollars on shit they don’t need. Why is it that PocaLizzie Lizzy doesn’t understand how many more votes she might get if she gave them roads and bridges and better schools and better teachers rather than spending their taxpayer dollars the stand in front of a TV Camera and rant and rave about a guy she doesn’t want anyone tolike?

Never mind… It was a rhetorical question

Source: Warren: Even If Impeachment Proceedings Fail, It Would Be a Worthy Use of Time and Resources | Breitbart

[Video via Breitbart]


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