We can’t decide whether we should laugh or cry at how lost women have become in the modern era of toxic feminism. On the one hand, we find it hilarious that the finer gender once every one to believe that they have been, and continue to be, repressed by men. It’s hilarious because women have been calling the shots in American households for generations… but it’s okay, we understand the gender-driven compulsion to be overly dramatic.

On the other hand, it’s incredibly sad that, in today’s world, the left continues to demand they be considered more equal than anyone else, most especially anyone on the right.

Worse still, they don’t even see how silly and pathetic their hyperbolic anger and spittle-flying artificial histrionics make them look to the rest of the world.

Source: Former Florida Congressional Candidate Calls for Sex Boycott of Conservative Men

[Image via Breitbart]


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