We genuinely laughed at the original title as we found it over at Breitbart. We were reminded of our children throughout much of their adolescence and pretty much all of their puberty. We can’t help but make the obvious comparison between them and the Media Oligarchy & Congressional Democrats.

Failing in their collusion with each other to affect the outcome of the Mueller witch hunt, in order to fit their anti Trump false narrative, the Media Oligarchy decided to orchestrate a collective meltdown because the guy Congress approved for the job of upholding the nation’s rule of law did so without running it by them first.

The irony is oozingly rich and drippingly delicious.

We won’t bore you with the minutiae, but suffice it to say that, after pressure from Congressional Democrats and their useful idiots in the Media Oligarchy, attorney general Barr went public with a few highlights of the results of the Mueller report, before he was completely ready. The Trump haters expected to be fully vindicated, you see, for pushing fake news and showboating in the hallowed Halls of Congress, shoving the false narrative down the throats of the American people that Trump was in cahoots with Russia in order to win the 2016 presidential election. He couldn’t possibly have won otherwise, you see, because he’s such an asshole and a horrible person and Hillary is the second coming of Christ.

Or something.

The Attorney General did exactly what they demanded of him – he held a press conference and gave some preliminary remarks prior to the full release of his report.

The problem?

He gave them exactly what they asked for but not what they wanted. Unsurprisingly, they decided to bitch about how he did it.

Please pass the popcorn, and send along a few cases of Kleenex to the bloody lot of them.

Source: ‘F**king Amazing’: Corporate Media Meltdown over Barr Press Conference

[Image via Breitbart]


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