This is worth passing along just to make sure you start paying attention now, early in this game, to all the silly things the Democrat POTUS hopefuls are promising. They are doing it early and waiting for their focus group results to come back so they can figure out what has the best chance of keeping them in the running when the primary season really starts to heat up. This is important for them because they need to keep their liberal mush-minded supporters out there interested long enough to forget early stuff and focus only on the most recent things that roll off their forked tongues in the end game.

We suggest you pull out a fancy new steno pad and flip back to it as the coming months unfold.

Right now they are promising gun confiscation, open borders, higher taxes on the rich, a return to Obamacare, Global Climate salvation and a green New Deal, free college for everyone, Medicare for everyone, the right for felons to vote (and illegals), elimination of the Trump tax cuts, and an impeachment of the president himself.

We think there’s something in there somewhere about killing or sterilizing white males but we’re not quite sure… And not allowing any man that supports the pro-life movement to ever have sex again … or something.

Early and bold prediction: None of the candidates will be caught dead using the words ‘deficit’ and ‘reduction’… or ‘balanced’ and ‘budget’… in the same sentence, let alone the same speech.

Bonus prediction for the general election:

Donald Trump will still be president, even if the Democrats commit enough crimes to get him impeached because the Senate will never vote to convict. And along the way… No Media Outlet will take the time to explain that, just because a president is impeached it doesn’t mean he is removed from office. See: Clinton, Bill.

Harris’ unexpected support for impeachment follows Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s push for Congress to begin the process to remove the Republican president following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report — a plan all but certain to fail without significant Republican support.

Source: 2020 Democrats clash over impeachment, felons’ right to vote

[Image via AP]


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