Admittedly, there was a bit of a struggle over choosing the appropriate category for this entry. We settled on Angry vaginas because, well, we couldn’t remember a time we had ever come across Mad Max in the Trump era that she wasn’t incredibly pissed off and very angry. This woman has been pissed off at Republicans longer than most of the people that vote for her have even been alive. If ever there was an example of a wild-eyed liberal curling wild-eyed accusations add a Republican to deflect the accusation from being placed directly at their own feet, this one is surely that.

If there’s a camera on, Mad Max we get in front of it and work yourself up into a lather the score bonus points with The kook Fringe in her party. Here’s just another example.

Source: Waters: Barr Is ‘Basically a Lackey and a Sycophant for the President’ | Breitbart

[Image via FOX News ]


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