None of us here at The American swamp wanted Barack Obama to be president. Not because he was black, mind you, but because he had none of the qualifications an American president should have. Our reservations were vindicated by his piss-poor performance and shoddy legacy, in the shadows of which America… And especially Black America… continues to live.

As with every president that preceded him, he had his fair share of detractors. In our opinion, however, aside from his sophomoric experience in national and international politics, we are of the opinion that his wife did him more harm than good.

As we like said around here, however, we all know what they say about opinions…

Even in our collective ‘whiteness’, though, we were anxious to see if our first black president could do a better job of understanding what it’s like to be black in this country and help lead them out of the bondage they believe the white man set upon them. We were morosely disappointed to see how much worse the relationship between the black community and the rest of the country became under his so-called leadership.

Shame on her and shame on her husband – he grew up without a dad, like many of us, and he should know better… And so should she.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama bashed President Donald Trump in London on Sunday, reportedly comparing Trump to a “divorced dad” who is making America “sick.”

Source: Michelle Obama Rips Trump: ‘Divorced Dad’ Who’s Making America ‘Sick’ | Breitbart

[Image via Breitbart]


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