Gee… Whodathunkit?

It would be great good fun to make this story about Cuomo because, well, he is the dumb brother. But it would be more instructive to keep this centered around the Progressive Liberal hypocrisy vis-à-vis their relentless rabid drum beat of anti-white hatred and their false narrative of a white supremacy crisis in America that doesn’t exist outside of their own minds. The only real white supremacy left in this country comes from smarmy white liberal elitists that have convinced themselves that only they can save the brown, black, yellow, and red people from themselves and from the allegedly evil and oppressive white man.

Progressive Liberals became racists the minute they created protected classes and then pigeon-holed anyone who didn’t identify as a member of one of these classes as a racist. Just because someone says something over and over and over and over again, ad nauseam, it doesn’t eventually become a fact… Just ask Joseph Goebbels how that worked out.

That shit might have worked for the fascists in Germany back in the ’30s, but it isn’t going to work for the Progressive Liberals fascists in modern America.

Source: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Threatens Violence After Man Calls Him ‘Fredo’

of anti-white hatred


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