Pretty much everyone on the left, and especially those who are still refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Trump presidency, seems to believe that poisoning the well of truth is perfectly acceptable so long as they are the ones doing the poisoning.

It has been well documented, since The Donald beat them at their own game, that the Goliath over at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have gone all-in to manipulate both the message and the method of delivery in any way necessary to ensure a Trump defeat in 2020. Don’t believe me? Using something other than Google search, do a little investigating into all the ways in which search algorithms, audience reach, and ranking priorities have been – and continue to be – tilted in the hard left direction.

For the record let’s make sure everyone understands how much of an effect the Obama years had on the FCC and the FTC and countless other federal bureaucracies. Tempting though it might be the Veer off into the Deep State discussion I will leave it for the readers to do a little homework for themselves.

The bottom line here is that the mainstream media… Admittedly in the camp of anyone that’s not named Trump… Is getting money from the Social Media Oligarchy to make sure it holds up its end of the bargain in the deal to defeat Trump by any means necessary.

Source: Facebook to Funnel Millions of Dollars to Mainstream Media | Breitbart

[Img src CNBC]


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