It’s interesting how quickly the left goes after guns when a mass shooting occurs but do absolutely nothing about the Chinese water torture drips and drips and drips of murders by guns day in and day out ad nauseam year after year after year.

And yet the same people keep pouring money into an organization that kills millions upon millions of unborn children. I know… I know… the unborn don’t count toward the numbers of lives lost at the hands of other humans because, after all, to ease the consciences of the killers we much prefer to call them clumps of cells. Nevermind all of the people who struggle to have children calling them actual lives as soon as there is a heartbeat.

We wouldn’t want to muddy the bloody waters, now, would we?

What matters here is that one political action Lobby is in the business of defending a right granted in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, in indelible ink, while the other political action Lobby stands on a technicality inferred in the First Amendment and subsequently upheld by a liberal Supreme Court that – they believe – gives them the right to kill unborn children.

In a moral Society… Which this one no longer is… It is easy to see who’s blood money is doing the greater good for the country.

Source: Dem Rep. McGovern: McConnell Wants to ‘Keep Taking the NRA’s Blood Money’ | Breitbart


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