Most of us are pretty sure about what happened to that piece of human waste child molesting Epstein creature, and we are far happier about how much his death saved taxpayers… As well as being quite pleased about how much sooner his name will finally be out of the headlines.

Then cometh the morons on the Left Coast that make jillions of dollars, pretending to be someone they aren’t, who still think their opinion about life and world matters are as important – if not more so- than the story itself. Who cares, in the end, how or why this piece of shit died? Especially since so many liberal elites are named or implied to be associated in some way with the horrible things this guy did to children? You think they would be quietly breathing a sigh of relief that he died before they got outed. Instead… They want to hang it on Trump by suggesting it was a Russian plot or that Trump was acting like Putin to make sure this guy died before everybody else went down.

The only explanation that makes any sense is that someone infiltrated their coke Supply and cut it with some nefarious drug that made them all lose their collective minds.

Source: Hollywood Floats Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Conspiracies: ‘We’re Russia Now’


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