The creation of “The American Swamp” was inspired, in large part, by the Left’s reaction to being out-bullied by, arguably, the best political bully in the history of political bullies. Listening to, or reading, exploding heads as they ranted and they raved and they held their breath and they stomp their feet and they set themselves on fire? Well, Trump’s first year in office May well go down in my personal shed and Freud history as the best days of my old school blogging life.

I cut my blogging teeth way back when slick Willy “Bubba” Clinton made stained blue dresses, and diddling White House interns with cigars, the main course of dinner table conversation from sea to shining sea. None of us on the right, back then, were much surprised that the Democrats helped the slickster keep his job despite committing the real crime of lying under oath. Nor could we have foreseen… Although we aren’t terribly surprised… that, 20 years later, Democrats are now perfectly content to make shit up in order to impeach the sitting president for committing no crimes at all, other than beating them at their own game.

My how little the world changes as the generations come and go… but, to crib a phrase from one of our most favorite Insurance commercials… “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”.

Perhaps the thing I most like about Donald Trump is that he is the anti-liberal honey badger… He does not give a fuck. You gotta admire that – I know I certainly do.

A lot of us are terribly unimpressed by what’s going on in this country since Hillary stole the convention from Sanders and the American voters decided to get serious, finally, about starting to drain the swamp in Washington DC. Left and Right, people paying attention are getting sick and tired of the lies from their elected officials and we are getting even more sick and tired of the media oligarchy manipulating the American conversation. We may have our differences, but the American voters are sick and tired of being told what to think and who to believe. If Trump’s win says anything, it says that the more you denigrate the Right… With no interest in what it has to say… You can expect to be punched in the face at the ballot box.

It is incumbent upon me, as I embark on my mission, to state for the record that I do not thinks very highly of Donald Trump. I would even be willing to admit that the Democrats are more right than wrong in their collective loathing of the man. I do find, however, that the national dynamic these days has become both delicious and hysterically entertaining all at the same time, and I thank “The Donald” personally for that. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, each new day of news brings with it more chum to bait the haters and draw to the surface, under the light of day, all those people that are so hell-bent on destroying this country.

Having said all that, let me be clear: He is my president and the CEO of my country, he is the Commander-in-Chief of the men and women who fight to defend my rights and keep my family and fellow countrymen safe, and I will stand behind him (because it’s what Americans do) until he is no longer president. Along the way, I get to disagree… Thanks to our founding fathers. Those guys had a clearer vision about how citizens and governments should coexist, on a drunken Saturday night after about 12 pints, than these asshats that are running the show these days. America in general and Washington DC, in particular, has become a swamp of epic proportions. And the further away from the middle the left and right go the deeper the muck and the toxic swill becomes.

Our mission here is to pass the news along to you, sprinkled in with our own two and a half cents of course, and send you on your way with high hopes that you choose to be an antibiotic in this godforsaken national swamp rather than yet another bacterial strain congealing inside of it.