What The F*ck Does ‘Media Oligarchy’ Mean?

It is our contention, here at The American Swamp, that people have gotten themselves too wrapped up in the argument over whether or not today’s so-called “Mainstream Media” is nothing more than the Communications wing of the Democrat Party… Or just a bunch of journalistic purists exercising their 1st amendment rights and holding the feet of power to the fire of truth.

We have our opinion, but you know what they say about opinions…

We are of a mind that the better argument to have is over just what it is that the term “Mainstream Media” even means.

From where we sit, way up here in the cheap seats of the American Coliseum for the National Conversation, the term “Mainstream Media” must necessarily include all forms of social media and the blogosphere. This is important because a very very small number of people and organizations own and control upwards of 90% of the venues, and the access to them.

We believe that lumping together radio, TV, print, and internet news & information with the peer-to-peer information exchange, AKA Blogs & “Social Media”, we get a lot closer to what “Mainstream Media” truly is. And, if you consider the incredibly small number of organizations that manage and control the content, and which Users can exercise their 1st amendment right to free speech on these platforms and which ones can’t, you can’t help but find yourself staring into the same “Big Brother” Orwellian abyss that we are. These fat-cats are in control of what information is made available to the public through whichever mediums they deem appropriate… Who is allowed to see it and who is not… And they are in nearly complete control of the entire National narrative.

If ever there was a genuine 1% vs 99% Overlord scenario in this country, surely it is this.

If you don’t see the problem with all of this, you are part of the problem.

By its very definition, the manipulation and control of the flow of information in the United States is nothing short of a modern-day oligarchy. Don’t believe us? We asked one of the most powerful members of the Media Oligarchy to tell us what the word meant, and this is what they told us an Oligarchy was:

“a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.”

If we take a moment to give pause and reflect on this definition, even the most ignorant among us would be hard-pressed to put forth a winnable argument to refute the notion that this is precisely how today’s Media Oligarchy operates.

As we will tell you in many places across this website we are not terribly fond of President Trump. As such, we “get” that a lot of people set their own hair on fire sometimes because of some of the shit he says and does.

We get it.

It’s not like this is something new in American history though; at quick glance, more presidents than not have been hated by half or more of the electorate throughout our nation’s history. But at no point, save the Nixon era, has the media sold its soul to the devil and turned their own customers against them because of their blatant disregard for facts and their willful peddling of misinformation and half-truths, all in an effort to unseat a President and overturn the will of the electorate by any means necessary.

We have learned over the years that Presidents come and go and we have also learned that, as with so many other things in the human experience, none of these Presidents – ultimately – have very much of a direct effect on our daily lives for very long.

If at all.
What DOES affect us, each and every mind-numbing day, is the screaming and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the news and all across the interwebs. And it’s been going on since Bill Clinton was President and had a thing for interns, cigars, and blue dresses. It has been the purveyors-for-profit of information that keeps bringing filth and swill into our living rooms that we have to filter for our children and our grandparents at our dining room tables.

When we were growing up our sources of information were the radio, the cheap little round black and white TV, or the newspaper. There was very little opportunity to pick and choose where we got our information, and it never occurred to any of us back then to consider the possibility that anyone was in cahoots with anyone else in order to manipulate the flow of information in such a way as to control the national narrative. We had certainly heard of such things happening in Nazi Germany, communist China, and the Soviet Union, but we were raised to believe we were the good guys in the world and such things would never be done to the American people by other American people.

The Media Oligarchy and the modern technology on whose backs it rides have simultaneously destroyed a generation and shattered an entire nation’s faith in itself.

We will endeavor to present the best examples of this to you as they come along.

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